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 B E N E F I T S  O F  C O L D-P R E S S E D  J U I C E

Our method of creating juice at the Neighborhood Press is unique.  We create small batches of handcrafted juice utilizing a Cold-Press process.  This method of juicing involves pressing fruits and vegetables between 2 stainless steel plates at extremely high pressures.  The juice is extracted cold and is never heated.  The process is slow and meticulous. At every step within this process, we strive to make the purest, cleanest juice available on the market.  Why do we put ourselves through this?  After all, many juice companies use alternate processes of juice extraction that are much faster.  Furthermore, many "cold press" companies use variations on the cold-press method that produce good juice, but it's not as pure or as high quality as the juice from our true Cold-Press approach.

We use the slow, Cold-Press method because research has shown it is the best way to  extract pure, nutrient-rich, cell cleansing juice.  Not only can you taste the difference in our juice, you can feel it.  The high speed processes used in alternate methods of juice production involve heating fruit and vegetables, destroying vital enzymes and nutrients. Our Cold-Press method avoids oxidizing and heating of the juice so that all the nutrients are captured from the organic fruits and vegetables.  Because they are so pure, our juices are immediately absorbed into the system, providing unmatched "cellular scrubbing" and detoxification.

We also keep our juice juice fresh and raw - no heat or pasteurization processes are introduced to the juice after it is created.  Our juice is essentially "alive" up until the time it's absorbed into your system. 

O T H E R  T I D B I T S

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Each bottle of our cold-pressed juice: